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Smart Tech that empowers driving instructors

We provide you with the pupils and the tech to modernise your teaching for the learners of today.

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Why Otimo?

With Otimo, everything is seamless. From receiving high-quality leads, through to providing engaging feedback for your learners –

There is nowhere else to look

online presence

Increased online presence
We run marketing on various platforms so you don’t need to


Set your preferences
Set the areas you cover and the prices you charge

monthly earnings

Increase monthly earnings
You’ll only every pay for a learner when you accept a booking


Modernise how you teach
Use revolutionary tech to make your lessons unforgettable

Track routes and flag learning opportunities

  • We generate detailed lesson reports to keep pupils engaged with visual talking points.
  • Our software can locate and identify any learning opportunities on a lesson.
  • Don’t change the way you teach, our app seamlessly works in the background.
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The power of Otimo

manage learners icon

Manage learners

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Reduce marketing cost

lesson notes icon

Provide in-app lesson notes

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More leads less hassle

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Driving insight

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Route tracking

Score your lessons

  • Be granular with your pupils’ driving habits.
  • Improve your pupils’ understanding of their driving performance and where they need to focus.
  • Set targets for your pupils to improve learning outcomes.
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Driving instructors

Keep pupils engaged
Track their progress
Record lessons and routes

Driving schools

Monitor ADIs and PDIs
Help grow your business
Detailed lesson analysis

What other instructors say

I used to make reflective logs manually to send out to my pupils weekly. The trouble was that they were only worded and were very hard to make interactive. Otimo’s app makes it so much easier and much more fun for me and my pupils, especially with the visually engaging feedback elements.

Paul Jackson, Pace Driving School, Morecombe 

You don’t want to make your pupils feel like they are in school with paragraphs of notes and lectures on mistakes that are being made. Otimo really is so beneficial and relatable to the learners, especially as they can show their lessons to their parents.

Theresa Williams, Willimans Driver Training, York 

Not only is Otimo great for in-lesson teaching, but it is also great for learners when they practice independently with a friend or relative. I encourage people to get insured on their parents car and the Otimo app is a great way for learners to monitor themselves when I’m not there.

Gurjit Singh, G-Force School of Motoring, Derby

As instructors, it is really important to manage 1 on 1 relationships and keep tabs on each and everyone’s driving flaws and progress. Otimo is the perfect way to do just that.

Liam Greaney, Driving-Pro, Southsea 

Manage and track learners

We’re on a mission to modernise the way in which people give and receive feedback during the learning to drive process

Take your teaching to a whole new level with many more features to come

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