Earn More Money After Passing your Driving Test

Passing your driving test is one of life’s little wins. Or, in the case of the younger learner drivers, one of the big wins. Upgrading from your green driver’s license to a pink one not only offers you more freedom, but it also offers you an opportunity to earn more money. 

We have done some research into the best ways you can line your pockets after passing your driving test and made a little list for you to go off. There are some novel and some not so novel money-makers below. So why not read on a see what you think. 

Delivery Driver

This is perhaps the most obvious choice for those looking to use their Driving License for financial gain. However, just because this isn’t an original suggestion doesn’t make it any less of a valid choice.

Make Money as a Food Delivery Driver

This is a quick and easy way to make the most of having a full driving licence. You can either work for your local restaurants directly or you can try your hand with working for one of the bigger companies, such as Deliveroo or Just Eat. Working for larger firms can allow you to earn an actual salary regardless of how many deliveries you make, as well as other benefits. From the digging we have done, it seems you can earn up to £9.70 per hour with Just Eat. Not bad!

Parcel Delivery Driver

Another form of delivery you can do is, of course, parcel delivery. The best example we could find was Amazon Flex. The name is pretty telling in that you can choose what days you work and it seems to be very much up to you how you work. You can seemingly earn up to £15 per hour doing this, which is very good.

aerial view driving

Earn More by Renting Your Car Out

Renting your car out to strangers to earn more money may sound like quite a bizarre idea. However, look at AirBnB and Uber; the shared economy has become a hugely popular concept. So, why not make the most of this?

Karshare: A Nice Little Earner

There are a few companies that enable you to rent your car out to make money. One that I have used before is Karshare. Essentially, Karshare is an app that allows people within communities to short-term rent their cars to one another in the local area.

I actually rented my car out to someone for 2 hours for £30 using Karshare. I thought that was both good value for the person renting and decent money for me, considering I literally did nothing. The app was really easy to use and you can choose when you want make your car available to rent. I would really recommend this for anyone looking to make easy money without having to do much. If you are worried about how the person renting your car might be driving, why not recommend them to the Otimo app for both your peace of mind and theirs. You don’t have to be a learner driver to use it.

Car Pooling

Carpooling has become more and more popular over time. Not only is it better for the environment, but it is also very economical for the driver and the passenger. Much like Karshare, there are a few apps that cater for those looking to make use of someone else’s car and those happy to make a bit of money by sharing their car with people.


BlaBlaCar is a great example of a carpooling app that you can use to both save money and earn a bit more. In short, this app allows people with cars to input what journey they will be driving or what direction they are going. People can then carpool with them if they are going in the same direction for a small price. It’s very simple really and it doesn’t require a lot of effort.


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