Failed driving test: next steps

A failed driving test will always be a bit gutting. Believe me, I have had my fair share. However, it can be a great life lesson in turning a negative into a positive. This blog aims to quickly outline how you can use your failed driving test as a motivator to become an even better driver. You must also realise, this is a great way to learn how to overcome disappointment in later life. So keep reading.

Longer training time

It’s just like any other skill or hobby you want to pick up, the more you train at something, the more competent and skilful you will become at it. The very same can be said for driving.

The more time you are behind the wheel as a learner, the more time you have to be a pupil and ultimately retain more knowledge about the roads, how cars work, signage – the lot. Someone that passes their test by a fluke, and or too quickly, doesn’t benefit from this additional education. As a result, these people are ill-equipped to be on the open roads from the very start and will likely continue making mistakes throughout their lives.

Failing your driving test is an opportunity to incubate your skillset that is required to not only pass your test but also be a competent driver as a full license holder. There is a rule called ‘The 10,000 Hour Rule’. In short, this means that you can’t truly become an expert on something unless you spend 10,000 hours on it – Practice makes perfect. Now, I am not saying you need to spend 10,000 hours behind the wheel before you can pass your test. However, after failing your test, you have an opportunity to practice even more to set you up better for the open roads.

A failed driving test teaches perseverance

In life, there will always be some disappointments. No matter who you are. Not passing your driving test will be one of those moments. However, you are left with a choice. Allow this to negatively affect you, or to learn from your mistakes and come back stronger. I truly believe that failing my driving test was one of the best life lessons I have ever had. It really helped me learn about patience and perseverance. Learn from your mistakes and grow – your time will come to pass your driving test.

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Independent learning

Driving lessons are an expensive necessity when it comes to learning to drive and passing your driving test. The cost will unfortunately increase if you fail your driving test. However, as mentioned earlier in this blog, having increased training time is a long-term benefit to yourself. However, the increased learning doesn’t have to always come from within a driving lesson.

When learning to drive, you are expected to have at least 20 hours of practice outside of your driving lessons. This is so you can build your confidence behind the wheel without an instructor in the car with you. If after you fail your test you decide to increase your practice time in your family car, for example, your confidence when driving without the aid of a driving instructor will only get better and better. This will make you more confident for your next driving test and set you up far better for when you do pass your test and your instructor will be no longer be there to guide you. See the retaking of your test as an extended rehearsal before you are a completely independent driver.

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