I’m an anxious driver – how can I build road confidence?

There is absolutely no shame at all in being an anxious driver, a nervous driver, or a cautious driver. The roads can be a dangerous place. It can take some getting used to both when you are learning to drive and once you have passed your driving test. Typically, confidence behind the wheel comes with experience – the more you can accustom yourself to everyday driving, the more self-assured you feel. There are some tricks to help quell the nerves of anxious drivers, however. In this blog, we will quickly outline what can be done to build road confidence in anxious drivers.

Pass Plus

A Pass Plus course is additionalm practical training that you can take once you have passed your test. Typically, these courses are around 6 hours long and they are designed to build confidence and improve skills as an independent driver.

Taking a Pass Plus, once you have earned your full license, is a great way to build confidence on the roads. As mentioned, confidence comes with experience and higher levels of skill when it comes to driving. Taking a Pass Plus course both sharpens and expands your skills. It is a great way to ease your way into becoming a fully independent driver. You can drive as you would by yourself but with the reassurance of having an instructor there with you to gently guide you.

If you are interested in booking a Pass Plus course, click here or email sam@weareotimo.

Plan your journies

Knowing where you are going on a journey and what route you will be taking, what roads to expect etc. is an easy way for anxious drivers to feel safer on the roads. We have all been in a situation where we don’t know where we are, the roads are unfamiliar and you start to feel a bit uneasy. Being prepared with the knowledge of what to expect on your up and coming drive is such an easy way to feel more confident on the road.

Rescue remedy for anxious drivers

We have spoken about Rescue Remedy before in another of our blogs. I was actually recommended by my instructor to take Rescue Remedy before my driving test as I said that I was feeling very nervous about it. Rescue Remedy does genuinely reduce nervousness for me and definitely helped a lot when I passed my driving test. It is trialled and scientifically proven to be a natural remedy for anxiety. So, if you are an anxious driver, why not try it.

Continue learning

You can always be learning how to be a better driver. I don’t mean to continue with lessons after you have passed your test. Bar Pass Plus, of course. I mean always be open on how you can improve as a driver. As we have said, the higher your skill set the less nervous you will feel on the roads. A good way to track and record your driving, as well as get it scored, is with Otimo. This app generates detailed journey reports after each of your drives. It then overlays key events from the drive, such as when you were speeding or braking too hard, for example. The Otimo app is a great way to monitor your driving for self-reflective and educational purposes to become a more competent and subsequently confident driver.

Always remember that you are not alone when it comes to being an anxious driver. I defy anyone to say that they have never felt nervous behind the wheel of a car. Its natural. However, there are ways to turn yourself from an anxious driver into a confident and self-assured driver – so give them a go and see how you get on.


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