This is why learner drivers are receiving “No Dates Found” when trying to book a driving test (2021)

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This blog will reveal why learners are struggling to book their driving test. We’ve spoken to several learners who’ve been asking us about this issue with booking their test. Spoiler: there is a backlog of around 800,000 – 1 million driving tests. The average waiting time for instructors is generally between 3-6 months.

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High Demand

With the UK coming in and out of lockdown throughout the last year this has made both learning to drive and passing your driving test difficult. Since significantly less lessons have taken place there is now a backlog of learners (almost a year’s worth) who should’ve passed their test. Furthermore, the necessity for people to have a car has now increased as less people were willing to use public transport during a pandemic. 

Test centres at a fraction of capacity

When lockdown restrictions were eased, there were issues with the test centres. In order to reduce the possibility of spreading the virus, the capacity of the test centres was massively reduced. In certain test centres they were only operating at ¼ of their normal amount. This has created even more of a backlog as people still struggled for tests when restrictions were eased.

What we recommend’s to help book your driving test

We understand how much you need your driving license at the moment! If you’re still struggling to book a test, here’s a few things that you can do. Websites such as driving test cancellations can help find you driving tests that have been cancelled at a price of £18.

Look a bit further out than your local test centres. It may mean you have to take your test in a city that you’ve never driven before. However, if your instructor has taught you how to drive then this shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll be more than equipped to deal with any test route. 

Ready to go?

If you’re trying to book you driving test we’d first recommend trying the .GOV website. If you have any questions or need any help with booking your test then please get in contact at Or if you’re looking for more information on finding the best instructor for you, book through Otimo.


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