The UK Fuel Crisis: The Affect on Driving Lessons

It is coming up to two weeks since the 2021 fuel crisis started. In some areas of the country, such as Manchester and the North West in general, the issue is far less than it is in the South East. However, what does this all mean for driving lessons and our driving instructors?

Spending Limits

We had initially been flung into a fuel crisis due to some leaked documents from BP stating that a handful of garages around the country did not have any fuel. As a result, the government made s statement stating not to panic. Naturally, hysteria ensued and people started taking more than their fair share of petrol.

As a result, many petrol stations up and down the country have set a £30 limit for each customer. Interestingly, though, it. is only the EG Group that has imposed this limit – they run petrol stations under the names of BP, Esso and Texaco and run 367 sites.


Prioritisng Pupils

As you might expect, the fuel crisis and panic buying has had a detrimental effect on many industries, including ours – the driver trainer industry. The bottleneck in supply, and the exaggerated demand, has made life extraordinarily hard for driving instructors up and down the country to operate their working day properly.

A driving instructor in Hampshire stated that driving instructors have been left between a rock and a hard place. Martin Fender told Hamsphire Live of the worry for learners who have their driving test booked, as well as the worry for driving instructors who need to ensure that their tank has sufficient fuel for both driving lessons and driving tests. We went on to say that instructors have had to prioritise certain pupils with particular test dates. To read more on what Martin had. today, read the interview here.

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The Fuel Crisis: Cancelled Driving Lessons

Unfortunately, though, in many cases, driving instructors have been unable to get any fuel and have had to cancel driving lessons altogether.

Peter Atkins, a driving instructor from Northfleet told News Shopper that we can travel up to 100 miles a day in driving lessons. However, he was unable to get fuel and subsequently had to cancel all of his lessons. Not only are driving instructors’ livelihoods being negatively impacted but learners’ opportunities for learning too. To read more on Peter’s troubles in the fuel crisis, and the way the industry has been affected, click here.

If you are a learner driver and you feel unprepared for your driving test that is just around the corner due to the fuel crisis, we are able to help. We are partnered with a driving test cancellation service and you can swap for test with another learner that wants their test sooner rather than a bit later. Please contact us on for more information.



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