What is the best app to pass your theory test?

This blog aims to quickly outline the best theory test tools for learners to use – all at the cost of just £4.99. 

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As we all know, learning how to drive a car is only half of what is needed to become a fully-licensed driver. As a learner, you have to familiarise yourself with the highway code, learn the rules of the road, and become accustomed to being observant behind the wheel. That is what the driving theory test is designed for – to create wiser and more educated drivers.

For years, revision for this exam has been seen as a massive chore. Up until a few years ago, there were no mobile apps to assist with the slog. However, thankfully, there is now a range of apps that can be used to make revision both easier and more enjoyable. If you are struggling with where to begin your studying and learning, this blog should be of some help. I am going to quickly outline the three best products out there for you to use so you can make an informed decision on what would work best for you.

Theory test 4 in 1 kit

Price: £4.99

This is the traditional theory test revision app. You will see it sitting top of the list on the app store when you type in ‘Theory test revision’. Incidentally, it is also Apple’s No.1 paid iPhone app in the UK.

The app is suitable for car drivers, motorcyclists, trainee ADIs, as well as LGV & PCV drivers in GB & NI. On this app, you can practise all the latest theory test questions, which are all licensed by the DVSA (who set the official exams). No theory test app contains more questions – make of that what you will. As well as questions being plentiful, the app also has structured learner plans, as well as hazard perception testing.

As mentioned, this is the most popular theory test app and for good reason – you know what you are going to get. Make of that what you will, however. This is certainly a safe option but not the most exciting nor engaging option.

For more info click here.

Official DVSA – theory test kit

Price: £4.99

This is the official DVSA theory app. It sits second in the rankings on the Apple App Store and has great reviews. Much like the 4 in 1 app, this app does everything that it says on the tin – you will get comprehensive theory test revision questions. You can answer every single one of them to make sure that you truly are ready for your theory test.

There are 34 interactive CGI hazard perception video clips from the DVSA, which are just like the ones in the real test. Within the app, you also get the official Highway Code so you can revise all the latest road signs and rules.

Again, this is one of the traditional and reliable apps to use. You know what you are going to get and it is certainly a reliable aid to pass your theory test. However, it can be perhaps quite overwhelming and a monotonous. Although that can often be a successful recipe when it comes to passing tests…

For more info, click here.

My theory test by James May

Price: £4.99

This app was designed to shake up how learners revised for their test. I think the beauty of this app is that it recognises that theory test revision is not the most exciting part of learning to drive. However, James May has set out to make it a bit more exciting.

The clever thing about this app, which the other two do not do, is that it uses spaced-repetition learning. This is based off a learning programme centred around science. You can:

  • Improve your learning experience with training sessions at the precise point you would normally start forgetting key information.
  • Questions or topics you’re struggling with will be repeated at just the right time…until you’ve mastered them.
  • A more enjoyable and user-friendly learning tools

This app is probably our pick of the lot as it is something new and far more interesting to what we are used to – a breath of fresh air.

Once you have passed your theory test and can focus on the practical exam, book an instructor and use Otimo’s mobile app to enhance your learning. It’s completely free (for a limited amount of time) and allows you to track routes and see learning opportunities, making every hour behind the wheel much more efficient: 

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