10 reasons why you should get your driving license as early as possible

This blog will explain why NOW is the best time to learn drive. The word “freedom” is synonymous with being able to drive. But what does “freedom” mean within the context of driving? We thought we’d dissect, expand, and share this world of opportunity and self-dependence with you.

a young girl driving with a friend

1. Go where you want, when you want

Not having to rely on other people, or not having to plan your day around your friends and family’s schedules, is an obvious motivator why now is the best time to learn to drive. Traveling farther afield to places you want to go with your friends, or just by yourself, is a real luxury. Once you can do it, you’ll start to wonder how you ever lived without it. 

2. Driving is a life skill

Driving a car, much like riding a bike, is a life skill – you may not have to use it right away, or all that often, but having it in your locker is definitely advantageous. You never know when you might need it. An example that best delineates driving’s convenience, is when you go on holiday. Whether you’re looking to hire a car at the airport for a week, or just for a day to explore nearby towns and beaches, you’ll find that driving will give your holidays a bite more Vava Voom…

3. You hate to see it, but… job opportunities

Holidays aside, a driver’s license can also better your CV and broaden the scope of jobs that you can apply for. Some jobs even require you to have a driver’s license. Furthermore, being able to you are not restricted by where a job opportunity is located due to public transport links, or lack thereof. You can make your own way to and from work, which ties in nicely with another key reason why you should learn to drive.

4. Avoid the “characters” on late-night trains

 We’ve all been there. Staring out the window, earphones in, praying that the mad lad with a can of Special Brew doesn’t come and sit next to you. But “keep your nut down” is no more when you can drive home after staying late at work. Making your own way home saves you all the agg, unless, of course, you have had one too many swift drinks after work. In which case, you’ll have to blend in with the last train mob, I’m afraid.

5. More me-time

Waiting times, delays and discomfort – public transport can be slow and tedious. Being able to drive yourself around door-to-door affords you a lot more free time. Whether you want more time gaming, shopping, reading, or focus on starting your own business, driving yourself can be a massive time saver that allows you to focus on more things you want to do.

aerial view driving

6. An opportunity to start your own business

No matter what line of work you are in, or what industry you are hoping to get into, having a license and your own car might be the first necessary step to take. You’ll more than likely need to be very mobile, and flexible with timings, to meet potential clients, attend sales conferences and run day-to-day errands to aid the every day running of the business.

7. Drive-Thrus

A short and simple benefit of being able to drive – a drive-thru has a weird pull to it. But the novelty never really seems to wear off. No more needs to be said, really.

8. You’ll save money on insurance in the long term

Saving up for your first car is a key milestone in life. However, when it comes to actually buying your car, you’ll need to insure it, and it can be pricey. This can also be a cost that you hadn’t really accounted for. Generally, the longer that you have held a driver’s license, the cheaper your insurance could be. It really is worth passing your test sooner rather than later, even if you have little intention of getting a car as soon as you pass. 

If you are starting to worry about insurance, and don’t know where to start, we can help! We have partnered with MyFirstUK – use the code PASSMATE100 on their website to get £100 off your Learner or Passed Student insurance packages.

9. The unique music experience

Listening to music whilst driving is one of the little joys in life. Imagine a hot summer’s day, sunglasses on, your windows are down and you and your pals are rifling through the driving playlist that you had concocted when bored in college a few months prior. Bliss.

10. Start sooner rather than later

Research shows that for every year you grow older past the age of 18, you’re more likely to fail your test by 0.43%. So don’t leave it too late! And if you’re worried about starting lessons, feel free to get in touch and we’ll help you get on the road, stress-free!

This blog will have hopefully have explained why now is the best time to learn drive. The sooner you pass your test then you sooner you get access to all the benefits listed above. If you want to start preparation for your theory test then we’d recommend reading our blog on passing your theory test.

Are you convinced yet? If you have any other questions about driving, comment below or message us on social media.

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